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Busy Happenings

What is it about weekends that make them fly by so quickly? Wasn’t it just Friday? But how delicious is it that we have a whole more day of celebrating to do!

I always start my weekends with the best of intentions: to blog every day and not abandon you all come Saturday. But then Ben something comes up and I end up not blogging. Whoops. I promise to do better. Or at least try. School starts Wednesday and I’m going to need to find some way to get my blogging and my school in each day. Can you say cray-crazy?

Once Ben got back from Vegas he emailed his Realtor to let him know he was back in town. How exciting that we had our second showing scheduled for this Sunday (today!). Woo! That meant some more cleaning Sunday morning so we decided to veg about on Saturday and Ben let me drag him all over town for random and unfruitful item-hunting.

But we did make one pit stop he usually enjoys: Seroogy’s Chocolates (local chocolate shoppe that makes amazing but totally unhealthy chocolate).

 They always have free samples of chocolate and coffee. Today it was the Harvest Spice coffee, which is soooo delicious. The goodie samples were the double chocolate meltaways and the ginger crisps (little ginger-like cookies coated in white chocolate). Yum

After trying the samples, Ben got his usual meltaway bars and I settled for a small pecan caramel chocolate “snapper”. Delicious!

That evening we did something we’ve never done before – we played poker together! I wonder where we got that idea from??? 😉

I should state that Ben was seriously whooping me. Of the first 6 hands, he won 5. How does he do it??

Then I pointed out the person sitting in Ben’s backyard (Ben couldn’t see the guy. Weird right?)

And *cough* I gestured wildly at Pumpkin because he was looking so amusing:

And when it was time to put the cards down…  I WON that hand. 🙂

*cough cough cough*

Then it got down to the last game of the night. Serious biznazz. I bet my entire puny pile of chips and Ben went all in with his massive collection.

Check out this hand (and it was legitimate, thank you very much!)

Ha! After nothing for any hand I get 4 of a kind! Woo, I win! I win! (I’m a good winner… sort of)

Poor Ben, defeated at the final moment

Hopefully he still likes me 🙂

Today the plan was to start cleaning early so we could do it thoroughly and leisurely. Let me say right away, I am a perfectionist. I always want to do something better and think if we’d had *ten more minutes* we could have done something better. Ben, sweetly, indulges me in this and let’s me do whatever I want with his house. Ben is an all-black guy (loves black) and one thing I’ve tried to do is add some feminine touches to the house to make it look more like a home and less like a bachelor pad (even though it’s kept really clean it still has the look of all-guys, know what I mean?).

One of my past “staging” ideas was to dress up his black leather furniture in a way that looked more feminine without being pink and lacy.

The pillows and throw blanket really lightened the room up! I loved the pillows.

So on Saturday I dragged Ben to 5 different stores because I absolutely, positively NEEDED some candy for my Fall candy dish that was in the Fall colors (you know, like the Hershey Kisses in the red, orange, and silver wrappers??). We went everywhere and no one had them! So we settled on some candy with varied gold/copper colors.

Seriously, I stand behind it. That candy dish needed to be there!

Then I wanted to rip out some of the petunias that are growing all over my garden and plant a couple Fall mums for color. But I didn’t want the large ones and couldn’t stand the pink ones against his blue house, so after 3 trips we found red mums. Of course then it downpoured and was too wet to plant them. So I used them as a centerpiece for the patio table. They’ll get planted later

Finally, his kitchen table area (dinette?) was too… blah. There was the overhead chandelier and the table and that was it! So we picked out a clock (it looks much bigger in person) and placed it on the wall. I’m thinking maybe some wall sconces with tea lights should flank the sides? Maybe?

And I found the cute Fall-colored place mat on sale for $1.25 and couldn’t pass it up. Then bought some red and green apples for the centerpiece

I am so happy with the way it all turned out. I hope the people liked the house!!!

Rather than baking cookies or something that seemed a little too staged, we just threw together my crockpot chicken. It makes the house smell great and doubles for a quick dinner!

But… just as I was getting ready to start dishing up the meal, Ben announced he couldn’t find the sour cream we’d bought earlier…

Then he found it. In the freezer. Whoops! In my haste to put the groceries away when we were cleaning I dumped Ben’s frozen pizzas in the freezer – along with some cheese and the sour cream. But we laughed and decided we didn’t need the sour cream. So Ben reached into the fridge to grab his hot sauce and…

Ben may have said a word I will not repeat. I just started laughing and as he reached for the paper towels I yelled “NOOOO! I need a blog picture first!!”

(Seriously, who AM I now??? 🙂 )

After the clean-up and mopping I sent a grumbly Ben back to the store for sour cream and hot sauce and we sat and munched while watching “Tangled”. Have you seen it? I thought it was great. I haven’t seen a Disney movie in ages and used to look forward to the yearly one that came out (how times have changed eh?)

That about does it folks. Time to wrap things up and call it a night. Enjoy your Labor Day tomorrow!


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  1. Oh no! Precious hot sauce?? Eeek!

    I don’t blog on Saturdays to take a day off. A lot of people don’t read over the weekend, so why post, right?

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