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Blogs Hate Me

Happy Friday to all of YOU! I hope your week was excellent and that your long weekend is even better!!

I’m annoyed. I spent a couple hours this afternoon reading blogs and I always take time to read thoroughly and type something a bit more substantial than “LOL’ or ‘Good post’. Much to my dismay, none of my posts actually posted. On anyone’s blog! Was I blog-banned? Is that even possible? I tried from home and from work and nothing showed up. How discouraging. But, rest assured I did read and I tried to comment. I am a sad chicky.

We had another big storm roll through. Nothing like the hurricane winds and rain but I wonder if it’s from the same storm current? Not sure. There was general mayhem this morning. The sky was totally black and the winds were whipping through. Weather.com assured me the rains would begin around 12ish and since I leave at 10:30 on Fridays… I left all my windows open. Are you following my drift?

I sort through things in my spare bedroom and the entire bed and carpet were SOAKED.

Note how the winds carried the water all the way across the bed! Serious biznazz!

Oddly enough, only my microwave lost power. Is that odd or what? Apparently 40K+ people were without power and as I drove home I could see a bunch of crews out working on the lines.

Powerful winds:

(can you see all the general debris scattered around?)

And this is right out my door. No idea where it came from:

I made a trip to the grocery store and picked up some bulk items to try

Organic popcorn, some fancy-named white rice, short-grained brown rice, lentils, pumpkin flax granola (sugar-free!!), natural raspberry yogurt pretzels, and raw organic pecans. FEAST!

But none of this still is even as remotely exciting as this! Look who is home!


I missed you!

Oh – other big news. We have another showing for Ben’s house on Sunday. Fingers, toes, eyes, and ears crossed this time!!


3 Responses

  1. That stinks about the blog comments. That happened to me once – I just thought that person hated me.. :\
    As for that storm – I swore the weather man said the storm would roll in around 2 pm! Thankfully I got my walk/jog in this morning! I took a quick nap when I got back and the next thing I know, it’s dark and crazy windy! The poor tree outside my patio door looked like it was going to snap in half!
    We lost power twice – but it came back quickly.
    Sorry about the wetness in your place! Stupid weathermen!

  2. I found one of your comments in my pending spam folder. Every once in a while regular readers end up in the spam pile.

    I so hate it when the rain comes in the window. That usually happens to me with the car and it never smells good after that!

  3. i have been having issues with my comments posting too! It is really frustrating because I want people to know I took time to read 🙂

    crazy storms, I know we are having a ton of rain in Miami, but luckily no strong winds yet

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