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Whew whew, I am just now catching my breath from a long and fun-filled weekend! I have so much to tell and after reviewing all my pictures (over 120 taken!!) I am realizing there is NO way to recap all the activities in one post. So part one today and part 2 tomorrow. Sound good? Excellent!

We left off with me leaving Mel after our afternoon date on Friday to go home and pack for some fun times for myself. Last year I purchased some raffle tickets for my company’s annual charity fundraising campaign and I won a free night stay in a whirlpool theme room. I won the ticket last October and it expires Sept 1st. Where has my mind been to cut things so close??

The plan was for me to go and check into the hotel and then for Ben to come over and see the luxurious accommodations, the two of us to go across the street for some dinner,  and then Ben to head on home and get packing for his work trip. Yup, I get a lovely room ALL TO MYSELF! Woo!

Free dinner and free night’s stay!

Ready for the grand tour??



Game Room

Breakfast room

Coffee/beverage station

My room!!!

…and a silly self portrait!

Once Ben came and I gave him the grand tour (he was impressed) it was time to use my free birthday meal coupon. A quick walk across the street to Tony Roma’s!

There was a bit of a wait so we sat at the bar and had some cocktails. Mine was the Superberry Romarita

Cute date

Soup/salad course. I ordered the side salad and Ben went for the potato soup

Good blue cheese! Loved the addition of the Parmesan and the nice mix of salad greens

Too rich for my tummy! Ben said this was really good.

Main course – filet medallions with mashed potatoes. I chose 3 different toppings: asiago & herb, blue cheese, and Cabernet demi-glace

I ate about 2 bites from each and packed the rest up for lunch leftovers. That salad & drink filled me right up!

Then we noticed the TV screens flipped to show the Packer game! Time to quick ditch out and get back to some proper TVs. (And let me tell you, nothing beats sitting in a whirlpool with lots of apple-scented bubbles sipping ice water and watching a Packer game. I’m just saying…)

What a packed Friday! Up next is our day spent at the EAA in Oshkosh and a trip to the outlet mall!

Hope those that are in the path of hurricane Irene are safe!!


2 Responses

  1. Looks like a super place to stay. You had a terrific weekend which means it probably FLEW past way too fast. But still – fun times. 🙂

  2. Swank! What a great time!

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