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Parks & Fantasy Football

I’m a teeny bit of a control freak. Not the freaky obsessive type but rather the kind that thrives on order and routine. In fact, I hate change. I’d rather have the rusty car with a history of what’s been fixed and when rather then a new car full of unknown ‘surprises’.

Maybe this is why I am scared to go back to school again. In less then 2 weeks. I had a staring match with the first textbook that arrived at my front door today. It’s feeling a touch more real. Well… I’ll just think about SCHOOL tomorrow.

There are many benefits to a routine though and memories that go along with them. For example, my favorite season is almost here: I love everything “fall”. I love pumpkins, I love crisp fall air, I love the changing colors, I love love love love apple cider. Fall is just so awesome. Fall also brings FOOTBALL. On my birthday I saw my first Packer game of the year and today was my fantasy football draft. For those not really familiar with ‘drafts’ (and without being too technical to bore you!). Basically you just pick different players from all the teams and make your own team.

I was pretty sure THIS guy would go on the first pick:

And I was right… but there’s always next year. And I have the Green Bay Defense. Muhaha!

My department at work organized a little cookout tonight. The weather was perfect and it was in this little tucked-away park kind of off the beaten path.

We had family games of kickball already underway:

Followed by a weird water balloon toss. They made a circle on the ground and everyone stood inside the circle. In teams of three you’d have 5 chances to launch a water balloon in a sling and try and hit either inside the circle or, preferably, one of the people inside the circle. Lots and lots of laughs. My team won too! Check out my loot:

Applebee’s and Pizza Hut gift cards? I’ll take em!

After we were sufficiently tuckered out and wet, it was time for dinner!

Burgers, bratwurst, hot dogs – all your typical grilling fare. No beer for me, I rolled with the ice cold water!

It was a great night. Always fun to talk to people you work with but don’t really know.

Oooh! forgot to mention, I made another salad for lunch today!

Check out all that veggie goodness in there! Although I think it needs an egg for some added protein.

That lettuce is really really good too. I’m not any good at buying different kinds of lettuce and mixing them up for something fabulous so I love the convenience of the pre-packaged mixes

This was terrific. I love the fresh herbs in there too. Everything went so well together.

I have a fun and busy weekend planned! Tomorrow I’m meeting up with a girlfriend for lunch and a movie and then I am treating myself to a night in a theme whirlpool room! I won a night’s stay last year and never redeemed it… I figure if Ben is about to take off for a “work conference” in Vegas, I can do something fun too right?? 🙂

Hope you had a great day too. HELLO-Friday. You will be here soon and we love you!


4 Responses

  1. The work event looks like a blast. And if I could stick my fork through my monitor and try the salad, I would. It looks yummy! (that would be very brazen of me, wouldn’t it?)
    Have a great Friday!!!!

  2. Great weekend coming up. Hopefully H-Irene doesn’t mess things up for anyone too badly.

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