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A Late Celebration

Boy – this late August weather can hang around forever. I am loving it! The air is cool in the mornings and evenings but it is still plenty warm during the day. What more can you ask for?

Has anyone else noticed the days getting a bit shorter? When my alarm went off this morning I had to turn on the bedroom light to get dressed. Whoa! That part I don’t need 😉

Due to our busy weekend schedule – watching the Packer game on my birthday and going out for the most amazing steak ever the following day, we are just getting caught up with birthday with my family!

Birthday with the family! I’ve always loved celebrating birthdays. Maybe others’ more than my own! We are known to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ very loud, purposely off-key and strung out as long as we can hold our breaths. Good family stuff.


Here’s the birthday girl with her birthday loot. I laughed that mom got color-coordinated gift wrap, tissue paper, and bags!

Of course I also got invited to dinner – but was so busy chatting I only managed to snap a picture of Dad husking the corn

Mom made chicken, broccoli, melon, brown rice … and my birthday ‘cake’. Now granted I haven’t been 100% (or even 80%) holding true to my ‘no sugar no gluten’ health kick but mom wanted to be supportive so instead of the traditional birthday cake loaded with tons of flour AND sugar, she tried a new recipe for blueberry crumble.

It was the funniest recipe. It said to take a fistful of berries and squeeze them in your hand to release the juices. I kid you not. Somehow I got selected for this task

Ewww. I’ll admit it is pretty fun though. How often are you able to just grab a fistful of plump berries and SQUEEZE the life out of them? Or is that just me? 😉

Blueberry crumble fresh from the oven! Gluten-free with a very minimal amount of sugar. Mom, this was awesome.

Spending birthdays / holidays / evenings / whatever with my family makes me so appreciate of how close we all are. I feel very blessed and lucky to be living so close to my parents and all my brothers.

Tomorrow is my Fantasy Football draft and a trip to the park with our department from work. Should be fun!


4 Responses

  1. Good luck with you draft! I had mine on Sunday (for my league) – and my team BLOWS! 😦
    I have a different league too… and that team is awesome – mostly because I got Rodgers – and life is good when you have him on your team.

    Happy Belated Birthday to you!! Sounds like you had a blast!

  2. Looks like so much fun! Happy Happy Birthday – I love the coordinated wrapping paper. We do that too!

  3. I am doing a fantasy team this year and have no idea what I am doing LOL!

    • That’s terrific Lori! I love doing it and I ever know who to get! The best advice I could give it to watch for when starters get injured. That’s the best time to grab their backup if you need a spot filled. Keep me posted. Did you pick anyone from Denver? I always ‘try’ to get a Packer on my team but it doesn’t always work out. But I have the entire Defense this year 😀

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