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Happy Birthday to Me!

Howdy all! This is it – I’m officially 30 years old. I’m taking a break from the celebrating (aka, resting before the game tonight) and catching all of you up on my happenings.

Yesterday I got up and clocked in a 2+ mile run/walk in 62 degree temperature. I LOVE it cooler! It was awesome. After a quick shower it was time to bite the bullet and register for Fall classes.

Registration was easy-breezy and the new student orientation is scheduled for next week Tuesday. I have to admit I am nervous. I’ve put this off for so long, excuse after excuse, and I worry my heart isn’t really in it right now. But, Ben convinced me to try one semester (2 classes) and see how things felt. So – I am just plunging in without dwelling on it too much. This is new for me. Normally I’m not impulsive and I think everything through. We’ll see how it goes.

After registering I needed some caffeine!

McDonald’s large sugar-free vanilla iced coffee. Wish I could get these without any sugar and add my own.

And then I needed to treat myself to a pre-birthday pedicure

This is one of those things I NEVER did until last year when a girlfriend took me with her. $30 is kinda expensive – I can’t figure out how people afford to do that every other week! For me, once in a while as a treat is a nice luxury! 🙂

Matt called and the family wanted to get out on the golf course. We haven’t gone all year, so Dad took the afternoon off and I met the boys over at the executive course. Executive courses are smaller so you play more faster. Good for novice/beginner golfers since it’s all par 3 and 4s.

Matt, Me, and Alex all geared up and ready to go!

Matt got things rolling with a beautiful drive!

Dad whiffed but we let him re-do since it was the first shot!

Alex took a few swings as well. This was only the 2nd time he’s golfed ever!

And I hit a GORGEOUS shot – super far and super straight

Ehh… maybe I hit it a little TOO straight! Whoops!

There is a surprisingly large amount of water hazards on this course

The second half is much better

Gorgeous day wasn’t it?

Super happy to be back on the course!

After dropping the boys off back home, I spied a large box on the kitchen counter

BLUEBERRIES! I then proceeded to eat a ton. This is a 10lb box. I bet I could polish it off in a week alone. 🙂

I scurried over to Ben’s to prep for a fence painting party. We have a house showing scheduled for Sunday and thought giving the fence a makeover would be a great touch.


So while the painters painted, I prepped for dinner!

Lots of veggies

And fruit

Ben was the burger king and I husked sweet corn

Dad inspecting the fence prior to painting. I love hoe Dad’s painted so many times he has “official” painting clothes. He wears the same old clothes for every paint project. Ha Ha

I think it makes him look like an official painter 🙂

Was a great day. I love having time with my family.

So far the birthday is going great. We are about to head to Lambeau Field and tailgate for the Packer’s home pre-season opener. Should be a blast! Apparently Ben has some surprise planned for tomorrow afternoon. I am usually so good at figuring things out but this one has me stumped. Except a fun birthday recap tomorrow.

Go Pack Go!


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