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BFF Reunion & Gorgeous Weather

I believe I have died and gone to Heaven. THIS is the weather I’ve been longing for all year long! It’s just fabulous!

I am enjoying vacation – not getting much done around the apartment – but my daily to-do list is growing at a rapid speed.

Drove over for the 5th contact lens adjustment (these still aren’t right 😦 ) but after waiting for more than 30 minutes, I rescheduled for Friday morning. Then I scurried around town to meet my best friend and old college buddy Kari for some sale shopping and lunch. Kari is the queen of the sales and we found some cute stuff. Pics tomorrow.

After prancing around the sale racks we ended up at Olive Garden. We always go here. And we splurge on the calories too.

I tried the strawberry mango lemon-something. It was super sweet and super delicious

Followed by the soup, salad, and breadsticks… for some reason I only remembered to take a picture of the salad. We must have been having too much fun catching up

Kari and I have a non-healthy standing tradition. We always order dessert. Kari gets her usual: the black tie cheesecake

My seasonal favorite was back! The pumpkin cheesecake. This piece was utterly ah-mazing!


Even though we graduated from college years ago and we live so far away (Kari lives in NY!), we still exchange birthday and Christmas gifts. I got to open my present a couple days early!

A cute little tote, tall and skinny coffee mug, a strawberry apron, recipe cards and recipe box, and Kari knitted me some matching dishcloths. Perfect for all my kitchen experimenting to come!

Olive Garden always has beautiful flowers and landscaping around the building. I am obsessed with flowers!

So pretty…

After saying bye to Kari, I vegged out on the porch for some reading

I am a bit (read: ALOT) nervous about tomorrow. I’m meeting with the admissions counselor and registering for Fall classes. I know once I get there it will seem so weird. While I should be excited, I am wondering how I am going to juggle 2 classes a semester for the next 3 years. Seems like a long, long time. Tomorrow night we’re planning a painting party at Ben’s house. My folks and his folks are coming over to work on some various small projects before his open house on Sunday. I’ll be busy making food. Should be fun with lots of pictures. 🙂

See you all tomorrow



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