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A Date for Dinner

Seriously – I need to ask for a new keyboard for my birthday. I’m sick of copying and pasting the letter “n” into every missing word! What a ton of work!!

After spending day 1 of vacation in the office, today was my first official day. And it was a beauty!

Sun was up early and after sleeping in an hour later than usual (don’t you love that about vacations?) a quick temp check showed ideal walking conditions!

One goal this week is to log 10 miles of run/walking. I got started right away:

1.96 miles with my best (albeit still pathetic) pace time yet!

I told Ben he could come over any night this week and I would make him dinner. He picked today which meant making something edible and cleaning up this!

and this –

Am I the only person who lets things pile up when I know vacation is right around the corner? Sheesh!

Time to get crack-a-lack’in. Coffee time!

I decided on meat and potatoes. Ben’s type of meal really. Started by taking a roast, rubbing some salt, pepper, and spices on it and searing all the sides

Then plop into the crockpot along with a healthy dose of beef broth

Simmer Simmer

— insert an hour of cleaning, a trip to the grocery store, and some vegging about on the porch in the sunshine —

and then it was about time to get the rest done. Another goal this week is to eat two servings of veggies. For today I decided to do a veggie I haven’t eaten in quite a while – squash. Potatoes don’t *really* count as a veggie, they’re more of a starch

Washed and scrubbed yellow squash and potatoes

Diced up some sweet onion, sprinkle a little sea salt, add a bit of oil, and caramelize away!

Squash goes into a hot fry pan along with butter, onion, and garlic

After my potatoes were fork tender, time to mash

Add a little butter, a little milk, and those caramelized onions. This smelled amazing. I left them kind of chunky – more liked smashed potatoes than mashed potatoes

Finished all the cleaning just in time

Time for the finished product!

Slow-cooked beef

Sauteed squash with onions, garlic, and Gruyere 

Smashed Potatoes with caramelized onions

I thought it all came together really well – although on final glance I think it needed more color – like broccoli or something. But broccoli is safe and I wanted to try a different kind of veggie.

As expected, Ben thought the squash was only mildly edible (we need to work on this boy!! send your best veggie recipe my way!) and I think it tainted the rest of the meal for him. He did eat three small pieces though. I ate the rest. 🙂

So now I have a new pile of dishes to wash. Just got word my best friend Kari is in town! I foresee a day of shopping in my future tomorrow. Should be terrific!


4 Responses

  1. Your place cleans up great! I always tell my kids that’s why we invite people over – so we have to get the place straightened up! Yummy food too!

  2. That potted plant is looking good!

    I had to laugh because we have the same exact table and chairs at our house 😀

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