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Extreme Carnage

Hurrah! When in doubt, call Mom & Dad!

But… let’s start at the bee-ginning ok? As you know, I’ve been trying to eradicate the bees nest in Ben’s basement. Today my folks came over to see if they could assist.

(warning: graphic bee carnage photos)

My dad has lots of experience with bee and wasp removal. He’s a total pro 🙂 Luckily even though I couldn’t get very close to the nest, when we went in to check today, all was quiet.

Here’s the little nest – tucked back under a floor board against the outside wall. You can see where my spraying ripped apart some of the nest.

Dead bees – yay!

Dad the Bee Nest Exterminator!

What was interesting was how BIG the nest was – we initially thought it was small but there was layer after layer after layer of combs inside that dad pulled out.

And not all the bees were dead, so we’d fly swat, stomp, and spray more bee killer as we went

Nasty-nasty can you see the larvae?? EWWWW We were so fortunate to find this before they all hatched!

More nastiness


The layers seemed to go on forever!

But, the nest is gone now and the outside hole has been caulked! Tomorrow we’ll clean all the residual bee spray and sweep up any remaining bees.

As much as I hate bees and found this horribly nasty to happen inside, it really was oddly fascinating. A MILLION thanks to mom and dad for coming over and helping  us out.

We celebrated back with the family for a little cookout

Fresh sweet corn I picked up from one of those little veggie stands on the side of the road.

Lots of fruit – I think I ate half the melon myself

And plenty of  meat: bratwurst, hamburgers, chicken fajita bratwurst patties, and burgundy steak

Then we all settled in to watch the first preseason Packer football game. I can’t believe it’s football season already! This summer went by WAY too fast.

I also got in my long 2.5 mile run/walk today. Gorgeous-gorgeous outside again. I am so loving this weather! I owe you all an update on my training and some interesting observations.

Have a great night all and bee glad you are bee-free!


2 Responses

  1. Ewwwww!! Bee’s nests are really amazing things. I love honey, but I would never want to raise bees.

    Yay for football! Hopefully as a Broncos fan I won’t have to wear a bag on my head this year.

  2. […] on the month, a lot of great things happened. I turned 30 whether I wanted to or not, became a bee exterminator extraordinaire, beefed up my veggie consumption, signed up for school, and devoured way too many […]

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