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Today was just beautiful. It was one of those days where you really, really didn’t want to go to work but would rather just sit on the porch all day and soak in the summer goodness. Seriously we have not had many days like this at all! Perfect.

Wouldn’t you agree?

What better way to start the morning with some coffee in a cute cup

And packed some goodies for lunch

Seriously, I have spent THOUGHT and ENERGY trying to decide between the white chocolate and the dark chocolate peanut butter. Let me help those who may one day face the same horrid dilemma: when in doubt, eat BOTH.

Some of these

After work and more warm-weather basking

Headed over to see a very unhappy Ben…

Guess what trouble we found:

Can you tell?? How about a closer look

Could it be BEES? Yup,  somehow, somewhere they got in and had seriously invaded the back basement storage room!

A quick trip here:

Home Depot! time to get some serious killer spray stuff!

Followed by a trip here:

For some of this:

Yes I know this ruins my otherwise perfect week of no flour so far but some days, when your boyfriend is seriously stressed that his on-the-market house has BEES, you need to get the boy some pizza!

I should mention that Ben is (in my opinion) a bit of a baby when it comes to bees.

Me: Did you look for where they are coming in?

Ben: NO! I’m not going in there!

Me: *big, dramatic sigh*

After scouting among the flying wasps and making fake shrieks to freak out Ben (come on, I’m allowed, I am chasing down his bees after all!), I couldn’t find a point of entry and scouted around the back of the house.

Ohhhh why hello there little bees.

(this action shot could have been better but seriously, there were bees all over and I guess I was more squeamish than I thought – so be glad you got any shot here ok?)

I sprayed the heck out of that hole and in as far as I could manage. Now we wait and investigate in a day or two. I made Ben go back to Home Depot for some clear caulk and a caulk gun to seal this after we have it taken care of. I have a sneaky suspiscion I know where the nest is but I’m not poking around until these guys have been traumatized a bit more!

Why does a house fall apart the minute you are trying to sell?

PS I now hate bees


4 Responses

  1. I would get some of that spray foam for that area. It puffs up and will fill in all those cracks. That might come up on a home inspection anyway, so best to do it now.

    We have that perfect weather here today. It’s soooooo wonderful!

    • I don’t think I’ve mentioned before just how envious I am of your ability to work from home on such glorious days!? I am so hopeful next week is just as nice. I am off on vacation lounging about and I’d like to get some serious outdoor time in!

  2. OH dear. Hope those bees buzz off VERY soon. (groan…did I really write that????? 🙂 ) Good luck Ali and Ben, hope they go and the house sells asap. Take care.

  3. I hate bees/wasps and any flying, stinging thing. Hope you got them all!

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