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An Open House & Sam’s Club Adventures


Everything feels better when the worst day of the week is over right? I do believe it’s time to review some goals:

Ali’s Weekly Goals!

Last Week’s Goals:

1) No white flour or sugar (ehh this needs some work. good and bad days. I feel so much better when I follow this, so why is it so hard?)

2) Stick with the 5K training schedule (done and on track!)

3) 2 ab workouts this week (got one in. need to get better with this!)

4) Get application in for school (All paperwork is done & I have my people lined up to write my letters of recommendation)

5) Get to bed no later than 10pm each night (did better at this towards the end of the week. Once I hop into bed I can’t seem to fall asleep…)


Clearly there’s some work that needs to be done so I’m going to repeat some of these until they become habits and mix it up with some new ones too!

This week’s goals:

1) No white flour or sugar

2) 2 ab workouts this week

3) Get to bed no later than 10pm each week night

4)  Take vitamins daily

Just four goals, but I made them good ones!


I’ve mentioned a time or three that Ben is trying to sell his house and in the meantime we are poking around the real estate sites seeing all the lovely homes he “could” buy – if his house would sell. Please sell quickly House, I am liking what we’re finding! It’s SO difficult not to look and my worst fear is that when he does sell, there won’t be anything around that we really love.

We went to the Open House of our current favorite house. The street is called “Serenity” and Ben thinks I could use some serenity in my life. Ha ha! There were many things we liked:

Nice walk-in closets!

As well as things we weren’t quite so crazy about:

Ugly floor linoleum in every bathroom!

Those were the only two pictures I managed to swipe – it’s a FSBO and the lady was following everyone around the house.

After figuring out everything we’d change we decided to drive around Ben’s neighborhood and see what kinds of homes were for sale by him. We had to laugh and I made Ben pull over to swipe a picture of THIS:

Doesn’t everyone need a GIGANTIC deer statue in their front lawn? Bwa-haha!

After the laughing hysterics we drove to Sam’s Club for their free weekend. You didn’t need a membership and there was no upcharge. It’s been years since I’ve been inside one (can’t stand the idea of PAYING to shop somewhere) and I’ll admit I was more excited then Ben to go!

We got there RIGHT when it opened and there was a line! Green Bay people need to get out more dontcha think? 😉

The coolest thing about the store is seeing the HUGE packages of things you’d never buy even in a small quantity!

Row after row after row…

And just in case one pair of reading glasses isn’t enough:

Let’s not forget furniture!

Overall? Hmm wasn’t that impressed. They made us wait in a line before we could shop, they don’t take Visa credit cards (but take everything else), and I am not convinced everything is that great of a deal. I plan to price compare a few items I DID buy and will report back!

I’m off to read and pack a lunch. Night all!


3 Responses

  1. Hi Ali, OMG….that statue is something else!!! Um…maybe it’s the picture, but from here it looks “anatomically correct” too. Oh my! Thanks for starting my day off with a laugh! And if the owner of the statue is reading this comment, I apologize for making fun of your artwork! 🙂 BUT WHAT WERE YOU THINKING????

    • You know what’s so funny about all this? I made Ben back the car up a bit so I could make sure I got the angle that showed it was “anatomically correct”. I was careful not to get the house though. I started out shocked, then stunned, and then couldn’t stop laughing. That sucker must have cost a pretty penny too!

  2. I’ve always thought bulk items were pretty good but if you start buying milk, eggs, etc., then the price savings aren’t much if any. But that’s BJ’s. I’m thinking Sam’s is prob. the same.

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