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Weekend Shenanigans

Hello there! I took the weekend off from blogging because I was so busy!! Hope your weekend was fabulous. Lots of stuff to report. Laundry is cranking away in the machine so it’s a good time to catch up on stuff!

Saturday morning started out with breakfast at the usual place…

Nothing can compare to the $3.49 griddle special!

Except eating it with a hot date. 🙂

But then it was time to say bye, hop in the car, and drive to Wausau to see my friend Jeff! I haven’t seem him in several months so I was excited to hit the road. Just hoping the weather wouldn’t be too bad driving down.

But it cleared up about 30 miles in and the rest of the drive was perfect!

Usually when I am about to make a long trip I fill up with gas, etc ahead of time. I was running a little behind and decided I’d just stop along the way when I needed it. Maybe I should also mention I am one of those paranoid drivers who can’t let the gas get below 1/4 tank.  As I got closer to Wausau the gas was dropping but the red light (which I’ve never seen go on in my 8 years of car ownership) didn’t go on and so I kept driving…

And driving..

Until I hit Wausau!! And promptly pulled over to fill my 12 gallon tank.

Ehh that was CLOSE. At what point is the red gas light supposed to go on????

I also thought it was amusing that the two gas stations on opposite sides of the road posted different gas prices:

Can you guess where I went? Ha ha.

But it didn’t have pay-at-the-pump. Fail! So I went inside.

But I didn’t win. (try again Wed maybe??)

Just one more block and I reached my destination!

And Jeff was already there waiting for me!

We joke that at 30 years old, Jeff doesn’t really fit the white Cadillac demographic. 🙂 He actually has an old car that he *loves* and fixes up. It’s pretty cool to hear him talk about it. And it’s fun to drive in.

Was the Blue Willow an old A&W Restaurant??

I wasn’t really hungry, so I picked at MORE breakfast options. This time a scrambled egg with onion and tomato. At least there was SOME veggie in there. Progress! May or may not have drank 4 cups of coffee too.

Somehow Jeff bet me that Cheerios was gluten-free and made of oats and I said it was not gluten-free and had wheat. So then we had to drive around for a grocery store to see who was right.

Turns out we both were. Cheerios is made of oats but it has wheat starch in it and therefore no gluten-free on the label. It’s a draw.

Some pretty plants in Wausau:

This was soooo cool. It was really tall and the vines were growing everywhere!

This was classy too:


Was a great time with Jeff and it’s nice to find a town that cuts the driving distance in half for us. 1.5 hours each way is much easier than one person driving 6 hours. I’m not much of a driver – usually I let Ben drive (he loves to drive) – but there wasn’t much traffic so it worked out great!

Ok time to get some lunch packed for work tomorrow. Sunday recap and weekly goals are on the way!

What’s the silliest bumper sticker you’ve seen recently?


5 Responses

  1. Sounds like you had a great time! I am guilty of letting the gas tank get really, really low! Glad you didn’t run out.

  2. What a great day! (I laughed at the bumper sticker too!) Glad the post didn’t have to include a “run out of gas” paragraph! Hope your Monday goes well Ali!

  3. Great weekend.
    I’m with you and can’t allow the tank to get below 1/4 remaining. But I really, REALLY hate filling it up. It’s like folding laundry – it’s an endless chore.

  4. What a great time – and those plates look so good! I loves me some breakfast for lunch and dinner 😀

  5. I lived in Wausau from 2003-2006 and every time I passed the Blue Willow, I always thought it looked like an old A&W!
    And I think the most boring drive is the stretch of hwy 29 between Green Bay and Wausau! I drive it every time I go see my parents and I get so bored about 20 miles out of Green Bay! Cities are few and far between in that stretch!

    Oh, and with my car – when my light goes off for gas, I would say, I usually have about 60 miles left, before I’m out of gas completely…

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