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Ready for the weekend!

Is anyone else PUMPED for Friday? It’s in the air! Woo Woo Wooooooo!

We just found out a house we like is having an open house on Sunday! Yes, yes I *know* it’s terribly premature to be looking at houses when Ben has to sell his first but hey, looking is so much fun. Plus – by the time he sells his house he’ll know exactly what he’s looking for, right??

Do you know what else is exciting???

Hurray! I didn’t totally hack my plant to nothingness! I have flowers once again. Hopefully more are on the way. I see some blooms. Yay for a trim and fertilizer treatment – and thanks Lori!!

I went to the store and bought something new to me – rice cakes!

I am thinking these guys may make a breakfast appearance tomorrow.

After work I met up with some co-workers from my previous job.

Apparently they serve shrimp here?

I opted for a club sandwich a proceeded to remove a lot of the bun prior to pillaging.

These tomatoes were seriously impressive. Fresh, juicy, and super-flavorful. Can you see just how bright red they are? I was amazed. Yum!

Can’t wait to get off work tomorrow. Fridays are a rest for for 5K training but the weather looks good and I’m thinking of just taking a nice, long leisurely walk. Feels good to be outside without being coated in sweat within the first minute due to the humidity!!

Time to get an ab workout in before bed. Got to stay on track with the goals for the week!!


5 Responses

  1. Laughing at you looking at the house when Ben still needs to sell his. We’re looking at houses and our house isn’t even on the market yet (hoping it will be in the next week or two). I found an amazing house that’s already under contract, but still want to see it (I won’t, because that would be pure torture). Our Realtor just said that contracts go under all the time and when our house sells, we’ll check to see if that house is still on the market. Yeah right. LOL! Just made me laugh (I’m way worse than you). 🙂

    • It IS torture but we can’t stop looking! My biggest fear is I’ll find a perfect one but his house won’t be sold and when it finally is sold, there won’t be anything as good left around. But still… it’s like a car wreck – I HAVE to know what’s out there. Ben really likes this one house and so we’re going to go and look 🙂

      Be sure to keep me up to date on how your house selling goes. I’d love to know!

  2. Nothin’ wrong with looking at houses!!! 🙂 Hope your Friday workday flys by!!! Have a great day.

  3. Hooray for the plant! Annuals usually need a good ‘haircut’ at least once during the summer when they get leggy. That will give you a few different bloom times.

    I love real estate. I flipped 2 houses and still love looking at what is available, even though we aren’t even close to being in the market.

    • I remember reading all about you flipping the last house! My parents are doing that right now. Too bad I didn’t take before-and-after pics because they really did an amazing job.

      Thanks again for the plant advice. One day I’ll be a pro with a gorgeous garden just like you!

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