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Silliness and Qdoba

Whew – would’ja look at the week? Tomorrow is Thursday! It BLEW by – at least for me. Except for this morning. Ever have one of those days where you spend hours at work trying to fix something and end up getting very little accomplished.

(Did I mention my “N” key is broken??) So I have to type everything and then go back and do a ‘lil copy and paste deal-i-o. But, the thing is, I love my computer keyboard and I’m quite attached to it. Kinda being stubborn and hoping it will fix itself!

Huh, did you say peaches? You didn’t? Oh well, too bad!

Supreme breakfast deliciousness. I chop these up in a large bowl so there’s no mess at my desk at work.

The secret? Cut the pieces small and press some cling wrap tightly against before covering. This helps keep the fruit from getting that “air” quality to it. 🙂

Happy chickie is a chickie with Maple Walnut coffee… Yummmm!

Work consisted of me pulling out my hair. Long day! Looking forward to tomorrow though. Dunno why, but Thursdays are just nice days – I mean as nice as a day can be without being a Friday or weekend right?

The plan was to DASH home and get my workout in before Ben drove over from work. I am happy to say I really pushed myself the first half mile – 6:30! Woo.. But I pushed a bit too hard. The humidity is gone (mostly) but there was FULL sunshine, mid 80s, and a STRONG wind!! One day, One day!! I will have good weather for training 🙂

Ben walked in to find this:

Ali in supreme “fashionable death” pose. *cough* If you can’t be silly… well… just be silly sometime for me okay?

After a MUCH needed shower we were ready for a quick “hello and goodbye” with the family. More silliness insued:

Look I’m a deer!!!

The only deer my dad’s ever gotten… and he got it with the car 😉

All day I’ve been hankering for some of this:

I blame Ben – he eats here weekly. I’ve been to the Q twice in my entire life! And I always get the same thing – naked queso chicken burrito


They go overboard on some things (hello, enough sour cream there??) and just plop it on without any artistic presentation flair. Not sure why this bothers me.

Up close cheese-a-liciousness

But…. afterwards I felt a little sick. My stomach has not been liking some of my less common food eats and it’s been taking a while to get things back to normal.

I am off to cuddle on the couch with a tall glass of water and read a book! Night all!



3 Responses

  1. That burrito looks loaded with cheese. I’d absolutely love it!
    Good job in getting through the tough day. It’s probably what brought
    on the need for silliness. Anyway to de-stress works for me! 🙂

  2. I have never been to Qdoba, but that looks tasty! I like Chipotle 😀

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