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The Packer 5K results are in!

FINALLY they posted the 5K results. I’ve been waiting all day.

Ready for how he did??

overall place: 210 out of 4249
division place: 61 out of 360
gender place: 176 out of 1762
time: 23:10
pace: 7:28

210 out of 4200+ people?? Top 10% of males? Alright Alex!

Can you tell I am a super-proud sister?? 🙂 *beam*

And yes, I am super-duper envious of his running ability. This wasn’t his fastest time for a 5K but considering the heat and humidity factor – I think he did phenomenal!

Weekly goals and peanut butter cookie post coming tonight!



2 Responses

  1. Great run ALEX! YAHOO! Was it a PR?
    Can’t wait for the PB cookies. Send some 😉

  2. Actually his PR for a 5k was on that race last year when he ran it in 20:03. I figure I could cover a little over a mile in that time. 🙂 It was so hot on Saturday I doubt anyone did their best.

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