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Green Bay Packer 5K Run!

A craaaazy weekend here! But, as promised, I have an update on the GBP (Green Bay Packer) 5K run.

This is the 2nd year my youngest brother Alex has done the race (he has ALL the fitness genes in the family!!).

We arrived at 9am for a 10am gun start. The weather was already 86 and SUNNY when we arrived.


Can you see the line of sun? All the runners were piled into the shady part trying to stay cool

Pre-run – Alex is not too sure how he feels about the heat and humidity!

Dad helping Alex set his watch

There were only 3000 runners but they had 3 rows of porta-potties like this. Zero lines! I guess you’d rather have too many than too few right?

Alex!! Alex!! We’re right here!! Can you see us??

The flag flew high on a full sun and warm morning! I *LOVE* the start of a running event. There is so much energy and excitement in the air!

The “Kickoff” was the starting line and the “Endzone” was the finish. Pretty clever eh?

Happy spectators!

And they’re off!!

Spectators could walk into Lambeau Field and cheer the runners as they ran around the stadium! We were so hot sitting there. I can’t imagine how the runners did it!

There’s Alex! Look at the short kid in green next to him. That kid was booking it!

A run through Lambeau wouldn’t be complete without your picture captured on the JumboTron!

There wasn’t enough time for us to dash out and meet Alex across the finish line. When we got there the clock was showing 24min. Official race times haven’t been posted yet but I’m guessing he crossed somewhere between 22 and 23 minutes. Will update when I know! I said it was a really tough race for him – and Alex clocks 10-15 miles of running/walking a DAY. ย I am hoping next year they make the start earlier so it’s less dangerous. Temps climbed over 90 and the humidity made it much worse!!

What happens when the humidity keeps climbing and the wind starts to blow in? This!!

Can you see the storm line?? It went from 90 at 9:30am to 68 at 5pm with 60mph winds!!! Holy cow!

Super time to be out on the roads eh? ๐Ÿ™‚

We drove over to mom & dad’s to see Grandma who is visiting from FL! She was supposed to get in yesterday in time to see Alex run but her plane filled with smoke and they had her JUMP from the plane into 2 fireman’s arms!! Isn’t that the craziest story ever? I think she needs a free plane ticket for that! (Darn American Airlines!)

On a MUCH happier note, look what mom had waiting for me when I arrived:

Beautiful, glorious and JUMBO peaches!!

Peaches AND football in the same day? I’m a very happy girl!



4 Responses

  1. Alex certainly has the physique of a runner! What a cool place to have a race, too.

    Football can’t start soon enough for me!

  2. What a great day! (well, not really for the folks who had to leap from a plane…but for you!) Congratulations to Alex!!!! Whatcha gonna do with all those peaches?? Have a great week.

    • Not sure yet – I generally eat my peaches plain (love em so much) but I might try sauteing them again or some other creative preparation. I will be very sad when these are all gone. ๐Ÿ™‚

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