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A Chinese Kind of Day

Watch out WI! The humidity is back and looks like it’ll be staying around for another couple of days! I woke up sweaty. Eeep!

Yesterday was a bit stressful at work. I had a minor panic attack thinking I messed up with a whole lot of production data only to confirm I had done it correctly. Whew – that was 2 hours of high blood pressure I did NOT need!

After work I dashed over for another eye appt. The Dr thinks we’re getting close on a contact perscription. It is good for far away but I still can’t use them for in front of the PC.

After other various errands, I met up with a good friend and ex-coworker for Chinese!! I love Chinese but have never been here before (and I’ve lived in GB for 8 years now…. clearly I need to get out more).

Anyone out there actually know the difference between Peking and Hunan?? Not I!

Super cute decor inside – lots of chinese fans and lanterns. The whole restaurant is shaped like a pagoda (where did my picture go??)

A Mai-Tai for my friend and a Pina Colada for me! With umbrellas!! I went to Mexico in Feb for the first time and was so disapointed I never got an umbrella drink there. I ❤ umbrellas!

We ordered a dinner combo – so you get a few different things to try. First up – egg rolls and crab rangoon. Would you believe I’ve never had crab rangoon before (I really don’t like fish) but these were absolutely wonderful!

Followed next by crackling rice soup. It was a pretty cool presentation – the waitress came out with steaming soup, dropped in a bunch of rice and you could hear the crackling, and then ladeled us individual portions. Loved the pea pods and the chicken but the overall soup was really think – semi gelatinized – like too much cornstarch or something. I didn’t care for the consistency.

This picture isn’t blurry – it’s all the steam!

And then it was time for the entrees. I picked the walnut chicken – I figured the sauce probably had wheat in it but at least the chicken wasn’t fried like the rangoons. This was incredible. I even could have handled more spice, which is rare for me. The peas were fresh and crisp, the walnuts gave it a wonderful crunch. It was beautiful and colorful. Yum!

After my delicious dinner and PLENTY of leftovers to last for lunch today, I rushed home to make something for “food day” at work. Do any of you have a day where everyone brings in some kind of food dish? A co-worker has his last day tomorrow so it was a food day.

I was slated to bring – cookies.. Why not veggies? or fruit? or some kind of semi-healthy thing? Well I currently have NO flour or sugar in my apartment – at least nothing that’s straight commercial white flour and white sugar. With time growing short I decided to make something weird and wild – strawberry cookies with white chocolate chips.

End result? Not my favorite by a LONG shot. Maybe it’s because they tasted too sweet with all the sugar? Maybe the strawberry tasted too “fake”? It is amazing how your tastes change. I’ve been drinking almond milk for a while now and when I had a glass of regular milk last night – I thought it tasted weird! My wonderful organic milk tasting weird???? How bizarre!

So we’ll see if anyone at work likes them. They are an odd color for a cookie aren’t they? Hopefully all will get eaten and I won’t have to take leftovers home tonight.

Ok, now I have exactly 4.5 hours to write a speech I am giving at noon today! Wish me luck!!

Question: Have your tastes changed? What’s something you used to love but now doesn’t quite taste great anymore?


4 Responses

  1. Good luck on the speech writing! I’m sure the pink cookies will be a hit. Anything with white chocolate in it will FLY off the plate! 🙂 Have a great day!!

    • They all got eaten around 3pm so I had no leftovers to take home. I think the pink color freaked a lot of people out. 🙂

      Speech went really well. Now I have that out of the way for another 4 months at least!

  2. Crab rangoons!! I *love* those! How did you make your cookies without flour?

    • *cough* boxed cake mix *cough*

      Although I have a couple recipes that are for flour-free and/or gluten-free that I’ll need to bake and post sometime soon.

      The rangoons were amazingly good. Couldn’t even taste the crab – just deep fried gloriousness and cream cheese. Mmm

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