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A Lack of Direction

I was looking over my past blog posts and boy are they all over the place! This girl needs some blogging direction! I need to stay better on top of things simply for the sake of coherence. With that in mind, starting on Sunday, I’ll be posting my weekly goals. Then we can see how I do each week with them. Fun eh?

Last night I raced out of work ad dashed over to Walmart for some quick stuff to use for the showing:  Ready to bake chocolate chip cookie dough, a cookie cooling rack (forgot mine at home – argh), extra cleaning supplies, assorted fruit for the kitchen table, and small bathroom garbage bags (usually we roll with old grocery bags but I wanted it a touch more classy – cause I’m sure people care about that! Ha Ha).

We got everything sorted out and straightened up at 5:40 – the showing was at 6pm! Cutting it close!! I didn’t even have time to dump the dough in the oven. Maybe that’s a sign we’ll have another showing soon? Maybe? A girl can hope, right??

After sweating and scrubbing, Ben took me out to dinner at one of our favorite non-diet friendly restaurants: Olive Garden. I wasn’t in the mood to be gluten-free or watch sugar and ordered whatever sounded good:

Chicken Scampi

Moscato berry splash.

I’m not much of a wine drinker (read: hate wine & beer) but I like OG’s Moscato wine and this wine spritzer was sweet and not so wine-y.

Then Ben dropped me off so I could tidy my OWN place. Plumbers were scheduled to inspect the plumbing today and the hot water heater is in my bedroom closet. So this is what I was up against. Are you ready??

Now in all fairness to me… This was an attempt to sort through clothes that were too small, too big, what needed to be donated or sold, etc… but I bit off more than I could chew and dumped out all my dresser drawers and closets… and then got overwhelmed and did nothing.

Well, look at it now!


And seriously – for those who think I was too tired and just shoved every last bit of clothes into the left side of my closet while leaving a bit of the right side open as to give the impression of a clean, organized closet space… well what kind of person thinks something silly like that?? Glad we’re on the same page with this.

Today I was back on the road doing the 5K training. It’s amazing how painfully slow I walk (and run for that matter). When I was done I didn’t feel especially productive BUT I clocked an Avg Speed of 4.2mph – my fastest yet during this training. So I am taking that and calling it a day! Burning 482 calories in 27min seems a bit high there Mr Garmin!

For those of you who run, and aren’t natural runners that consider a slow run to be 10min miles, how long did it take before you started to make tangible progress? I’ve got to admit, it’s easy to be discouraged considering this is the 5th time I’ll be doing the Dash and I’ve still never run a full mile non-stop. –Le Sigh–

No word on the house showing yet, fingers and toes are hurting from being crossed. Even if it amounts to nothing, it’s in the right direction though!!!

good night everyone!


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