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Misc Mish-Mash

Almost 10pm here and I’m wrapping up the weekend. Ever have one of those weekends where you were flying around doing things but really didn’t “do” anything? Welcome to my weekend 🙂

We started out the day with a stop at our favorite breakfast joint. For $3.49, how can you beat eggs, sausage, hash browns, and toast?

I used to be a scrambled egg girl but “over hard” somehow seems more sophisticated, dontcha think? 😉

And an english muffin. I really don’t eat much wheat/gluten at all anymore but I do tend to indulge a bit here and there when we go out to eat. Plus, it’s really hard to find a true gluten-free item on a menu that doesn’t contain traces anyway. I’m not allergic; I just notice a lot of benefits to limited wheat and sugar.

After misc errands, I needed a caffeine fix. Don’t judge but I’m in love with McDonalds iced vanilla coffees! When I went to check out, the lady had accidentally made a large and a medium and asked if I’d like the extra so it wouldn’t go bad. She obviously didn’t know me too well! 🙂

Yummy goodness

Leaving I noticed a car without ANY back windows and this lovely windshield display. Kinda makes my bedroom piles of clothing look acceptable and organized.

I took Lori’s pruning advice and began hacking away at my plant to fertilize and make room for beautiful new blooms.



Clearly I got a little carried away with the scissors. The more I hacked, the more dead leaves, etc were still there and the more stems were tangled and intertwined. I should have thinned it out sooner. I’m learning! Now with a dose of miracle grow we’ll cross our fingers and see what she looks like in a week or two!

I’ve got to admit Ben’s been amazingly supportive about my new gluten-free / sugar-free kick. In fact, he made me this amazing chicken alfredo. It was soooo good. I haven’t had pasta in forever but he used quinoa/corn pasta and it was fantastic.

Sprinkle the chicken breasts with some marjoram, sage, rosemary,  oregano, and basil and then popped into the oven until cooked through

Mix milk, butter, and Parmesan cheese then cook over medium heat until thickened. Shred chicken and combine with cooked pasta noodles. Stir in sauce until all is blended and serve!


I had my 1.5 mile run/walk scheduled for yesterday but I needed to postpone it until today. I still am not seeing improvement in time – but perhaps that is because I am going further each time. I hope when my schedule evens out I’ll start to see better progress. This was my hardest run/walk so far – and it was still really humid out. My face looked like a tomato when I finished! Luckily I could hop right into the pool to cool off!

Now I’m off to get some last minute things done before bed. Have a great night everyone!


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