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What Happens When Family Steal Your Camera!

Today. Was. HOT!!!


I finished up work and decided to do my 5K training over at mom & dad’s so I could hop straight into the pool afterwards.


The A/C went out this morning so mom put old bed sheets over the windows to block out the sun until the A/C repair guy showed up.

I was super excited because my new heart rate monitor arrived and I got to use it for the first time today. I love the GPS aspect for gauging distance and pace (looking for any signs of improvement) and I think heart rate will be another good indicator.


Pretty view out the front door. It was super super hot – well over 90 when I laced up my shoes. I was not expecting a great pace ; I just wanted to get the training time in as scheduled.

Optimistic Ali – all set and ready to go!

It was really hard – I won’t lie. At the 16 minute mark I actually thought about quitting but since I was so close to finishing I decided to keep going. There are some steep hills and my parent’s driveway is up a BIG hill. I thought I might need to crawl up at the end. Check out my stats – and the whopping 192 heart rate at the end!! HIIT anyone???


I was all set to hop into the pool and the family was already there. I asked to snap a quick pool shot for the blog and mom and Alex (youngest brother) decided to ham it up for the camera. Such goofs.


When I uploaded my camera pictures a few minutes ago, I spied some pictures I did NOT take… Apparently someone deemed these blog-worthy or whatever. Kinda funny:

A random plant

Organic apples

Deliciously sweet watermelon for dinner

Dad cutting up veggies

Look – mom’s cherry tomato plants have little green tomatoes! Yay – I am a huge home-grown cherry tomato fan. I swear store bought tomatoes don’t touch these at all. No comparison. I see plenty of snackage and salads in the future!!

My plate – chicken fajita bratwurst, veggies, and un-pictured watermelon. Those bratwurst are amazing. Stuffed with peppers and some cheese – just the right amount of kick. Super yummy.


Very unflattering candid camera shot of me. I think Matt is responsible for this one. Revenge will occur in the future!

All in all a good day. I didn’t walk or run my fastest but was proud to persevere through the heat and humidity and get the job done. It feels good staying on target and marching along. You just do your best!


Question: How did YOU stay cool today and did it affect your normal workout routine?


4 Responses

  1. Hi Ali, I LOVE the surprise photos!!! How fun!!! The ones you took are great too. Have a great day!!!!

  2. Good for you! You kept going when you really wanted to call it quits. That’s what it’s all about: finding away to get your self over the tough spots.
    My dad has stollen my camera on occasion. It’s always fun finding surprise photos on the disk 🙂

  3. LOL – I forgot I asked my hubs to take some pictures the other day and was vastly confused when I found them this morning. Glad I’m not the only one who gets surprised with this stuff.

    Honestly, it’s redic hot here. The only way I can stay cool is:
    (1) exercise early in the morning. Like 4:50am. So it’s cooler and I can wear my shorter shorts and smaller tops because I’m not self conscious that anyone will see me. 🙂
    (2) always bring liquid with me. And not water. Watered down gatorade is my fav, but the girls on the rowing team who are actually competitive looooooove Nuun tablets (http://www.nuun.com/). There are even cocktail recipes for after the row.
    (3) start off hydrated. Whatever you are sweating out is really the water you drank like 24 hours ago (or something like that, don’t quote me)

    • Thanks for the wonderful feedback!! I have NEVER heard of Nuun tablets but I will look into those! I probably do not drink enough water before exercising and I know it’s very important. I need to do better.

      I also hear you on starting earlier so you can wear what’s comfy without being self-conscious. I can’t even wear shorts outside around home yet for fear of anyone seeing me!!

      Thanks again SO much and have a wonderful day!

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