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Camping: Day 3 (Copper Falls State Park)

Hey everyone! A big welcome to all my new viewers! Thanks for the great comments on yesterday’s post. You are awesome!


We actually slept in until 8:30 am! I think we were tired from all the traveling around. Yes, we were BEAT. When we woke up it was humid and muggy out but we needed to make our very first camp meal, right?

Ok, so we cheated a bit and used charcoal to get it started. Everything was soaking wet from all the rain. Judging from how long it took to get our campfire started the night before, better safe than sorry right?

Despite it *feeling* hot and sticky, it looked like a glorious morning, don’t you think?? I love how pretty the trees looked!


We picked up clothesline for our wet towels. Apparently I left them out and they got wet in the rain. Whoops!


After breakfast (where’s my picture of the eggs? oops!) and showers it was already 12:30 pm. Ha ha – we are such inexperienced campers! 🙂 Off to explore the park and the falls!!


How long do you think this will take to make it to New York???


Hello Copper Falls!

A close-up of the plaques scattered around. I love little tidbits of information like this. Educational yet not overwhelming.


Looks like some woodpeckers were feasting on this tree!


Our original plan was to walk to the observation tower – about 3/4 of a mile away. There was a 1.5 and 2.25 mile loop but we decided it was too hot and humid to attempt more at that time. We were in total R&R mode!


Unfortunately we took the wrong tour and ended up on the rustic 1.5 UPHILL loop Nooooo!!!


Up, up, up and up!

But – we made it to the top of the tower. Hurrah to the hikers! Oddly enough it was super calm. We were hoping for a breeze to cool us off. I was sweating buckets and hiking UP the steps was really slow going. I think I may be out of shape. 😉




Ben at the top!

I was soooo hot up here but look at the view!

The tower in all its glory!

I have a weird smile/grimace on my face here. I think I was delirious and super dehydrated.

Oh look, a sign on a nice stepped path to the observation tower. How did we miss that!?

Victorious in our adventure!


Once we left the falls we took a quick dip in the camp’s beach to cool off and then headed back to the campsite for lots of water and showers! I walked back to the site freshly laundered and immediately started sweating again. As we pondered what to do with the temps rising and our faces sweating, we decided to pack up for home.

On the road again!


Look – more rain and hay fields. I love fields filled with hay bales.

We stopped for dinner at the Great Dane Pub in Wausau. Ben had been there before and they serve grass-fed beef! Score. (we did wonder what all those silly people were doing sitting outside in the heat and humidity)

View of the restaurant outside

I bet you are all thinking I’m a total boozer. I think I drank more in the past two days then in the past two months combined. Vacations are meant for a little treat right? This fancy thing was a strawberry lemonade – lots of lemon slices, real strawberries, dragon berry rum, lemonade and a splash of cranberry juice. Yum – but not quite as good as my martini from The Pub.

Yes, this is NOT ideal weigh-trimming food. To be honest though I removed all the bacon, ate maybe 1/4 of the fries, and removed the onion rings. Plus Ben ate 1/4 of the burger for me. The lettuce and tomato were consumed though. 🙂


So we’re back safe and sound with a mountain of camping equipment strewn about Ben’s garage. I think it will be another project to get it all cleaned, re-packaged, and put away.  So great to get away for a couple days. We need to do different things every once in a while!

Is anyone else worried about tomorrow’s temps? High of 98 with a heat index of 115? are they kidding??!!

Stay cool!


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  1. What a great looking hike! And nice weather too. I’m jealous.

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