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Operation:Eat Fruit Before It Spoils

Thanks for the great comments on my peach post! I love them!

Now I have a HUGE amount of fruit and have to scurry to eat it before it goes bad. I’ll admit, not exactly the worst problem to be having is it? So… what odd things does a girl eat with lots of fruit?

Project 1: Smoothie!

Mixed up some strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and peaches. Added some greek yogurt, stevia, almond milk, protein powder, and a bit of maca powder. Whoa – that maca takes a bit of getting used to! 🙂

All blended and whirled up! Tasty… but not perfect. The protein powder and maca are not the greatest for someone not used to the added texture of powder and next time I think I’ll add more milk – this was milkshake thick!

Project 2: Sauteed Peaches el bananas

I’ve seen sauteed bananas on many blogs and they always looked delicious. Thought I would give it a try!

I sauteed the peaches and bananas in a bit of coconut oil and drizzled a tiny bit of honey over the top

Topped with some coconut!

Finished product – topped with a bit o’ homemade whipped cream and a glass of almond milk!

The verdict? The peaches were AMAZING. It tasted just like peach pie filling – glorious. The bananas… they were horrible. I am not sure if it was because the peaches were so much sweeter. That’s the only thing I could think of. They were barely choked down. 😦 So sad because it looked incredible.

QUESTION: Have you made sauteed bananas? If so, any tips???

I’m gearing up for a long weekend camping trip to Copper Falls in Mellon, WI. I am really looking forward to it but the weather looks beyond ridiculously bad – 66 the first day with rain, 78 the second day with rain, and 89(!!!) the last day! What on earth do I pack? One of everything?

Still owe a landscaping recap. The shrubs are in and they look amazing. Hope to get a post out before I am off to the backwoods!


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  1. I *love* sauteed bananas! The key is that they not be too ripe or they get mushy. I don’t know as they would go with peaches, either. A very different type of sweetness.

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