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The Peaches Have Arrived!

I love many foods. MANY foods. But some are just extraordinarily amazingly good. Case in point: peaches.

My love for peaches goes way back to my childhood when mom and I would drive over to the once-a-year truckload sale and get a case of fresh Georgia peaches. Living in WI, the only time you get decent peaches is during this truckload sale. I look forward to it every year.

And now they have arrived. Let the feasting begin!

One case in the fridge


Supreme yumminess ready for immediate consumption


OMG soooooo good. I die.

What is your favorite fruit? Any amazing peach recipes? Stay tuned – landscaping project #2 coming tomorrow!


5 Responses

  1. Mmmm…I love peaches. My fave fruit is probably blueberries or really any berry for that matter. But I also love peaches, nectarines, and pineapple!

    • Blueberries? Really? That’s funny – I never used to think I liked blueberries unless they were in pancakes but the grocery store had some as samples and they were DELICIOUS. I bought two pints right there and have been munching since!

  2. OOOH…so envious. Our peaches are a few weeks away still! I wish this post had “smell-o-vision” because nothing smells as good as a very fresh peach! Have a great day Amy!!!

  3. I’m SOOO sorry….typo on your name. My auto spell changed Ali to Amy and I hit post comment before I caught it! GRRR!

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