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DFAS Training Day 2 & my Garmin

Day 2 of Dash For a Splash (DFAS) training is in the bag! Today’s schedule called for 13 minutes of run/walk – 5 seconds of running and 55 seconds of walking each minute. Easy breezy right?

Yesterday to prep I went out to replace the batteries on my Polar watch and my Garmin heart rate monitor. I’ve only used the HRM on my Garmin maybe 5 times since I bought it (I have this model) a few years ago. Should have waited, the price has really come down!!

Apparently the Polar battery I need is no longer carried at the store but I did find the Garmin HRM battery. After some googling on proper battery replacement, I made the switch, re-set the HRM scan… nothing. The darn thing STILL doesn’t work. An hour of tech support at Garmin later… no luck. They will replace it for $60 though. Hello, the whole thing BRAND NEW is $130!!! No thanks. Will hunt for Polar battery this weekend and then will just sport both the Polar and the Garmin. I’m stylish that way. 😉

Ok, back to the run/walk. Not bad. Oddly enough the loop I took was almost exactly 1 mile. It felt good to run. In the beginning 5 seconds seemed way too easy – I wanted to push longer – but I stayed exactly where I was supposed to, kept the heart rate up the entire time, felt good but not wrecked when I returned. Oh, and I was 2 minutes faster than yesterday. Interesting what 5 seconds of running per min will do eh?

Interesting stats from my Garmin. Kinda pathetic in the beginning now but a good showcases for my supreme awesomeness in a few months when this training is over right?

It’s kind of hard to read. The top panel shows distance of 1.03 miles in 15:41 along with avg and fastest pace. You can also see my speed more easily on the chart people.  Pretty cool – I am definitely a visual person. So, for the moment, my 2011 training PR pace is 15:41. I am confident on improvement. 🙂

Off to make lunch, do dishes, and get in a little ab workout! Adios!


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