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A busy 4th of July weekend!

Happy Independence Day to all and many thanks to those men and women who have and continue to keep us safe!! God Bless America!

Ahh, I *love* long weekends. They are absolutely the best! This one was very busy and productive. I spent it all over at The Boyfriend’s (TB) cleaning and prepping for the realtor pics this coming week. I scrubbed floors, washed windows, screens, and doors, scrubbed out the fridge and microwave, and shopped for a few essentials like new fluffy bathroom towels, curtains, and throw pillows. In between all that, I also managed to whip up a double batch of cookies for TB to take into work tomorrow (birthdays require baked good be brought in). Check these out!

Chocolate and peanut butter chip cookies – a double batch. Not sure you can see the second layer below. I was a cookie baking machine. Yes…. I sampled dough. Quality control purposes, ya know?

Ohh yes, I also transformed this…into..


I dug up some irises behind the house that never bloom and put them in the far back row. Then added some salvia (good to have some perennials in case the house doesn’t sell – less work next year!) and petunias.

Now for the front of the shed:

Gorgeous day lillies in the back row. I love those! Threw in some impatiens and two shrubs from the front of the house. There were 3 shrubs in the middle of a row of shrubs in the front of the house. For whatever reason they would never grow. In fact, TB said they have not grown an inch since he moved in back in 2003! We dug all three up to put new shrubs in later this week and no wonder! The roots were all in a huge clump of rock-hard clay and rock. So I poked and pecked at the root balls to try and give the roots some breathing room. Not sure if I was too aggressive though. I am not a gardener – but I do try! 🙂 Oh – did you notice the massive pile of ROCKS?? I had to pick those out one by one. Ugh – back breaking work for sure. This still needs the mulch and trim.


Up close:

(Le Sigh – LOVE LOVE LOVE those lilies!!)


Here’s a quick snapshot of the next landscaping project:

Three empty holes in the front of the house where the shrubs used to be. The very middle one (which I’ve named William) is looking especially bad after my poking and de-clayifying his rootbed. He’s undergoing extreme TLC and will be put in the side garden later this week if he survives.

Would have been nice to have it all done but it was just too much to do in one weekend. What a lot of work! Does it surprise anyone I have zero motivation to clean my OWN apartment now?? Ha Ha


back soon with some biggest loser 2 updates, food thoughts, and monthly goals for July!







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  1. That looks fabulous! The garden I mean…. or the cookies 😀

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