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Finding a balance

Have you ever had so may ideas you do’t know where to start? I have ALL these thigs I wat to blog about – ad the I go ad get caught up readig everyoe else’s blogs. Oh yeah, ad the “” key o my keyboard has died o me. Which key? The oe between the “B” ad the “M” key. Makes it hard to get what I’m saying right?? Spell check ca’t fix everything!

So I will do my best to avoid that letter. 🙂 Might make this sound weird – ooh it typed the letter that time!!

I decided to jump & give Yoga a try. I’ve heard so much about it from other bloggers & would like to see if it would work for me. I ordered both a Yoga and a Pilates beginner DVD to try. Yoga was first.

I rolled with “Beginners and Beyond Yoga for Weight Loss”. Holy Moly

Lady in DVD: “exhale deeply, jump back into plank position, stretch such-and-such, inhale and as you bring you left leg back slide blah blah blah” By the time I “jump” back into plank and forget to breath and am working on the ‘inhale and do whatever was next’, she is already onto the next thing. Plus – it makes me feel weak!! WEAK I tell you! Clearly I am a pre-beginner when it comes to Yoga. But I am not giving up! It is really boring even though it is too fast-paced but I think once I am able to get down the poses somewhat (and the breathing) I will enjoy it more. Right now I am lost.

I mentioned some people in my department started a mini Biggest Loser 2 right? We’re one week into the 12 weeks and they’ve now decided to add an additional twist – each week you GAIN weight you will round that weight gained UP to the nearest pound and that amount is due to the winner who lost the most that week. So if you gained 1.2 pounds, you owe the biggest loser $2. I have to say I am mildly annoyed. I’m not big into money stuff to begin with and am even less into changing rules after people are on board and the competition has begun. But, as I texted the boyfriend my outrage and intent to quit … he simply said “just get your butt in gear”. Sigh, he’s right too. Something tells me the idea of paying someone even $1 is going to annoy me enough to get on some training schedule. I need to do it anyway – my 5K is 11 weeks away! Yikes.

So off to do some situps and make some lunch for tomorrow. He’s hoping I will never be a GAINER.


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