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Hurry up results!!


I was never blessed with a great deal of patience. When I get an idea – I run (err… walk) with it. We were supposed to have the results of our office’s Biggest Loser competition on Monday and we still don’t have them!! I still have my toes crossed my team finishes 2nd overall.

Been thinking a bit lately about how my blog thoughts are all over the place. I guess I am a bit all over the place too. I have so many ideas; so many things I want to do and try but when I try and do it all … I get burnt out quickly and accomplish nothing.

I always like listening to people talk about weight loss. Whenever someone loses weight people always ask how they did it. I think secretly they hope they’ll hear about some safe new drug or shake that will knock off massive pounds without even trying. Nope – it’s always some combo of diet and exercise. The more you read about what exercise program is “best” or “most effective” the more I return back to the idea that it doesn’t matter WHAT you do – as long as you do SOMETHING. The trick is doing something you enjoy that you will keep doing for an extended period of time.

Of course loosing weight itself isn’t even the really hard part – keeping it off is even more difficult! I discussed this with several of my BL co-workers and we decided to do a small department only (6 people) 12 week Biggest Loser 2 competition. This should help us stay on track and avoid re-gains which can be typical after a long weight-loss competition.

So weigh in for BLC2 (biggest loser competition 2) was this morning. Yup, even before final results of BLC1 were posted. (I run with ideas, remember?) The exciting part is that this will end right after my annual 5K Sept run/walk. Perfect way to get back on the walking/running bandwagon.

(My “N” key is super sticky so I am searching for any missing “n’s” in this post. Argh!)

Working out a new diet / exercise plan. Go Me!


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  1. It’s so funny when people ask about my weight loss and then they quickly lose interest when I say diet and exercise. I am sure they expect to hear about surgery or some magic pill. The only secret is that there is no secret!

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