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Good Weather on the Way!

Hello blog-land, the forecast calls for some sunnier weather after this week. All we have to do is hang on till then! Over the weekend the neighborhoods were buzzing with the noise of lawnmowers – and I love, love, love the smell of fresh cut grass. Mmm Maybe it’s a psychological thing because the presence of grass means the absence of snow?? Possible? Oui!

So how am I doing? Pretty darn good – although I have to admit my limited food choices are getting a little old. I live for variety and am doing what I can to at least make my meals “look” different – even if they are just the same old thing:

Here we have lunch all bagged up and ready for work! I’ve been making all my lunches the night before so I can just grab and go in the morning. Here we have 4 organic eggs – 3 whites and 1 whole, an organic tomato, and a baggie full of strawberries. No, I have yet to find strawberries that are both organic and less than $5/lb. These babies will just have to do until I win the lottery. They are amazingly sweet though!

Dinner is an apple (organic) and some mock BBQ chicken with garlic, celery and onion. My apple is even missing a piece – what can I say, I got hungry looking for the camera!

We’re now in the 7th week of Biggest Loser at work. My team coasted into 2nd place but we are a ways out of 1st. I am still shooting for a 10-15% weight loss during this event. So far, looking good. I’m around 8% down now. 4th place overall as well! 🙂

Off to watch “The Bucket List” and work on some cross stitch. Yes, I am a party animal. What can I say, it’s a Tuesday night. What do you expect!? Ha

Pounds to goal: 37.0 (rocking!)


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