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I <3 Grapefruit!

It’s funny how I find that I really love certain foods but rarely ever eat them. Usually this relates more to sugar sweets and snacks that I try to avoid; seldom is it stuff that’s good for me. Case in point: the lovely grapefruit.

Maybe I rarely make it because it requires a bit of prep time to slice, section, and de-seed (I cannot eat even those tiny little white seeds!). But holy cow is grapefruit wonderful. If I could find some way to mix it with dark chocolate and sweeten with Stevia I would be in love forever. Sigh..

I am half-way done with my 45 day diet push. It’s so much easier having a set number of days to give it my all rather than a number of pounds. I’ve hated saying “keep going till ya lose 20 pounds” only to hop on the scale a month later and need to lose more. For me, time works better than poundage. And…

It’s not about what you did yesterday, or last week, or a month ago. All that matters is what you are doing NOW.

Pounds to goal: 42.0


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