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Some food findings

I am SO excited! I went grocery shopping and finally found something I’ve been looking for for quite a while:


You would almost think I lived in the middle of no where with my inability to find certain foods in the stores. Sadly enough, we have no health food stores like Trader Joe’s’ or Whole Foods. Instead I dream about such places and envy blog posts where people show off all their purchases…. sigh

But for the moment I am very content with my new beef. It’s amazing how different it is. Up until this point I’ve been cooking with a 96% lean ground beef. This beef is peppered with little fat pieces that look much more solid than I am used to seeing (minimally processed??). The smell is also MUCH stronger when cooking. Holy cow. Taste is also different. I wouldn’t say it was good or bad, I think it fell somewhere in the middle simply because of the smell and because it definitely had a different taste from regular store meat. But it is much healthier and I am going to try and incorporate more natural meats when I can.

Lunch was 1 whole egg and 3 egg whites with a tomato and some very sweet strawberries. Very filling and delicious.

Dinner was the new beef. Cooked with some of my new organic seasoning mix. It’s supposed to be the chicken blend but is still amazing on beef. (reminder – go to store this weekend and get the beef blend!) The beef was served with seasoned cabbage, garlic, and onions. Not pictured was the super sweet grapefruit. I adore it when I buy fruit and it actually tastes good!

Some store purchases – all this for just over $7 – and the asparagus was organic! Yay!

The weather man is predicting SUNSHINE and 60 degree temps tomorrow. He wouldn’t lie about something like that would he? After the snow and the rain and the snow AGAIN last week and a whole week of cold and rainy weather… I need some sunshine. Time to dust off the MP3 player and my running shoes and get a nice walk in.

Pounds to goal: 43.8


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